TECH 2U Network Errors
Date Times Description
03/07/2013 11.15-
Some dialup and ADSL users experienced authentication problems in Qld, NSW and SA. Fault with replacement of upstream provider hardware caused an IP address range exhaustion.
31/03/2013 00.00-
We are seeing consistent brute force attacks against the email servers as an ongoing problem. The technicians are blocking these via the firewall as and when they occur but it shows the importance of maintaining password security.
22/03/2000 14.00-
16.30 router failure. All traffic in Sydney passes through this router. The effect was dramatic. All web traffic including web sites and electronic mail passing through stopped. TECH 2U stored outbound email until the service was restored. It took four hours to feed the message backlog through.
12/03/2000 09.30-
Analogue system taken off air to enable reboot / reset of server software after reload of software package.
01/03/2001 17.30 Restarted software that updates hours used on member pages.
12/12/2000 Approx. 2 Hours Hotmail service outage, due to "some server problems" at Microsoft.
In 1999, a flaw in the site's programming allowed anyone to enter a user name and then view that account without entering passwords. Source - Dennis Fisher, eWEEK.
01/12/2000 30 Minutes Mail system off air for thirty minutes while new larger hard disk fitted to mail server.
01/12/2000 30 Minutes POP3 mail unavailable for thirty minutes mid morning due to full disk partition. Reallocated files to clear space as temporary solution.
01/11/2000 'til 25/11/00 Internet outages caused by severe disruption to the Internet in general outside of the TECH 2U network. Including:

1. Router failure at satellite download station in Sydney.
2. Router failure at terrestrial linkage point in Sydney.
3. Telstra international cable cut near Singapore - international Telstra links down by 64%.

Clients will experience slow Internet response when surfing web pages. This is beyond the TECH 2U network and hence beyond our control.
More details will be added to this notice as they come to hand. TECH 2U has temporarily re-routed Internet links via Melbourne to maintain at least half capacity. Full Internet speed should return as soon as cables are repaired.

Telstra are unable at this stage to advise of the expected repair date as the repair of this fault is the responsibility of a foreign telecommunications carrier.

27/08/2000 'til 1/9/00 Analogue system off air internittently to upgrade process server and 3 damaged HDDs from earlier power outages.
25/08/2000 1 Hour Download link not operational 10am - 11am due to Telstra fault at Pymble exchange.
Total system shutdown due to planned electrical outage by Energy Australia. Electrical outage covered North Shore of Sydney.
13/08/2000 6 Hours Power outage to suburb - Total system shutdown.
Mail Server disabled for retrieve of new mail to remove possible LOVEBUG virus infection
Analogue system failure due to work being done at the exchange
Dead line on modem bank. Caused by Telstra cable cut.
Out of memory on one of our data servers. Re-config memory.
System Scheduler on mail server died.
Network Problems page truncated due to revision control system failure.
Mail Server failure due to full spool area.
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